Jason Goes To Hell Original Jason Voorhees Prop Head

Although Jason Goes To Hell is one of the most controversial and hated films in the Friday The 13th franchise, there is no doubt that it boasts the biggest display of practical special effects in the entire film franchise. K.N.B. Effects went all in on this supernatural entry in the series and therefore a huge number of props have survived Jason's second final film.

Today we take a look at an awesome prop of Jason Voorhees' head used during the filming of Jason Goes To Hell. As most of our readers know, Jason is blown to pieces in the film and his body parts are shipped to an F.B.I. coroner for observation. Below is the make-up test head for use to design the final look of Jason.

Check out the images of the head below and let us know what you think of this one of a kind prop from the film.

Source: Yourprops.com

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