What To Expect From The New Show 'Friday The 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles'

Within all of the hoopla created last Fall with the announcement of a new Friday The 13th film, some fans may have forgotten or not even noticed that a new television show was announced as well! According to Sean Cunningham, the show is tentatively titled Friday The 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles and will have a storytelling arc similar to that of the Superman themed show Smallville. It was also revealed that the show would not be broadcast the traditional way through network television, but most likely online, and possibly in a webisode format. So, what is this show all about?

The specifics have not been revealed as of yet, but we will go ahead and assume there will be no cursed antiques to be tracked down this go around. Fans will have to be realistic in their aspirations for the show, however, and not expect to see Jason Voorhees slaughtering people every couple of minutes. Realistically, our readers are probably looking at multiple story arcs with characters established in the Crystal Lake region. Our hope is that we get a little more insight into the origins of the Voorhees family and most likely some very big secrets that the town holds, which ultimately lead to the infamous curse on Crystal Lake. 

It is also our hope that series veteran Harry Manfredini will return to score the new show and it would be really fun to see some other alumni from the film franchise cameo in the show.

Friday The 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles will be a Paramount Pictures collaboration and we hope they will sign off on this exciting new show sometime this year so we can begin viewing brand new Friday The 13th episodes possibly by 2015! What direction would you like to see the television series take and what stories would you like to be told?