Everyone's Talking Friday 2015: Land of the Creeps podcast discussion

One thing is for sure; everyone is talking about the next installment in the Friday the 13th franchise.  As is with the times, the majority of the chatter happens online with everyone from fans to filmmakers throwing in their opinions on what little we know about what is being referred to as Friday the 13th 2015.  Will it be a reboot?  Will it be found footage?  Will Jason even be in it, and if so which “Jason” will it be?  Whether the comments are full of excitement or full of trepidation, the anticipation is definitely high for more adventures at Camp Blood!
In relation, the horror genre is active in well in podcast land.  There are numerous regular shows covering everything horrific from news and reviews to rumours and expectations.  Arguably one of the most entertaining yet knowledgeable of the bunch comes in the bi-weekly podcast entitled Land of the Creeps.  Hosted by GregaMortis and Haddonfield Hatchet (aka Shaun Davis), as well as Doc and several regularly appearing guests, Land of the Creeps offers a great combination of knowledge and laughs with each episode discussing current activities in the genre world and reviews of flicks past and present.
Naturally, the Friday the 13th franchise is no stranger to this long running podcast, and comes in often in discussion and analysis.  This was no exception with the podcast’s most recent discussion on episode 64 which chose to focus on the current debate in regards to the limited information that has been provided on the next chapter in the Friday franchise.  Joined by show regular Justin Beahm, who is well known to horror fans through numerous articles in all our favourite horror mags and various projects in the film world, the group openly discusses their shock in relation to early backlash from fans. 

As our anticipations grow in wait for production to roll on Friday the 13th 2015, the discussion on this particular episode is one of relative importance with its overall message of reminding fans to be fans first, critics second.  The fact remains that whenever a new chapter in any of our beloved franchises is announced, we as fans are protective due to years of investment over each and every chapter.  Yet still, as the boys of Land of Creeps remind us, nothing has actually been set in stone yet for this next installment.  Cameras have not rolled a second, a script has not been confirmed and as of yet no cast or character details have been made public.
So have a listen to this well stated conversation and lets all keep excitements high for the next coming adventures at Camp Crystal Lake and complaints to a minimum until there is actually something to be upset about.  I for one am impatiently thrilled for another addition to this great franchise and have no expectations as basically believe that with exception of the films that use the Tommy Jarvis character as a recurring character, each of the sequels is really a stand-alone film of its own anyway. 

You can check episode 64 of Land of the Creeps, which also includes a commentary of one of my favourite ‘80s thrill rides Terror Train starring Jamie Lee Curtis, either on iTunes or on their webpage here landofthecreeps.blogspot.ca/  Also, follow Land of the Creeps on Twitter and like their Facebook group here www.facebook.com/LandOfTheCreeps

And of course don't forget to share your thoughts and excitement for Friday the 13th 2015 in the forums here: www.fridaythe13thfanatics.com/friday-the-13th-2015-f40.html

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