Press Kits: Jason X

As the world turned to the new century, what exhibitors once knew as Press Kits were finding that those promotional packages were rapidly becoming digitally revamped. Gone were the glossy 8 x 10 black and white photos that theater owners could display in their lobbies or collectors could add to their memorabilia.

Jason X was not only one of the first films to be edited in HD digital form, but the film was the first in the Friday the 13th film franchise to be marketed digitally with a CD-ROM. Today's press kit for Jason X consists of the New Line Cinema folder, production booklet and CD-ROM. The folder only has the New Line logo on it and the production booklet consists of the usual information about the actors and crew.

The real treat for fans is the CD that contains film images, trailer and theatrical poster for Jason X. Many of these photos were leaked online while the film laid dormant on the shelf for two years. Presumably, many of these photos derived from this type of press kit that someone undoubtedly grabbed for the world wide web.

The CD has a flash intro that is proceeded by a menu screen consisting of the space machete. This is a pretty cool feature for the user to experience! This is a neat little press kit that is a nice change of pace from the others in the series and is historical with its advancement in technology.


Press Booklet

Press Kit on CD

Screen Shot Electronic Press Kit