Friday The 13th Composer Harry Manfredini Scores 'Model Hunger'

Friday The 13th franchise veteran composer Harry Manfredini continues to score films over thirty years after his iconic sound defined the horror of Camp Crystal Lake. Harry has scored his share of films in lighter and less twisted genres in the past, but his bread and butter is indeed the Horror realm and now he has been attached to another project which he is sure to leave his stamp on.

Mr. Manfredini will score the new film Model Hunger, which stars horror veteran Tiffany Shepis and is directed by another cult starlet Debbie Rochon. Read below for the entire breakdown of the new film and look for it's release sometime in 2014.

About Model Hunger
Debbie Rochon and James Morgart are proud to announce that Harry Manfredini (pictured above) will be composing an original score for their film Model Hunger. Manfredini, a prolific composer with over 140 credits to his career, is most well known among horror fans for his compositions for the Friday the 13th franchise. Manfredini is a highly welcomed addition to a production that features a recognizable and talented cast helmed by Debbie Rochon.

Model Hunger marks Rochon’s directorial debut. She is a veteran genre actress with over 200 credits to her resume. The film is written by James Morgart and features a former pin-up model named Ginny (played by Lynn Lowry), who had been cast aside by the heartless and exploitative modeling industry due to a shift in the industry’s ideals of body image. When new neighbors Debbie (played by Tiffany Shepis) and Sal (played by Carmine Capobianco) move in, Debbie begins to notice strange occurrences next door. Sal credits this to Debbie’s psychological instability as he believes she is hallucinating and falling deeper into her psychosis. Obsessed to unveil what is happening next door, Debbie puts a damper on Ginny’s lifestyle of murder and cannibalism. The two immediately find themselves on a collision course with one woman determined to unveil the truth and the other determined to maintain her secrets.

Principal photography wrapped late last summer with cinematographer Wolfgang Meyer behind the camera with special effects by Ingrid Okola and Marissa Masella. The film was shot primarily in the Buffalo area with the guidance of line producer Greg Lamberson and with the help of the Buffalo-Niagara Film Commission. Alongside Lowry, Shepis, and Capobianco, the film features performances by Brian Fortune, Michael Thurber, Aurelio Voltaire, Babette Bombshell, and Suzi Lorraine.

The addition of Harry Manfredini caps off the final leg of post-production of the film, which has been overseen by Zan Rosborough and Darryl LeBlanc of RPM Productions. The film is set to be completed in February of 2014.