London 1888 Offers Awesome 8-Bit Jason Shirt

London 1888 is responsible for offering this cool Tommy Jarvis and Jason Voorhees print from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter a few years ago and it was a huge hit with fans of the franchise. Since then, they have been producing designs for various other properties, but we all know you can't keep ol' Jason down forever.

Today we were told about their next Jason Voorhees design which is a cool take on the Nintendo 8-bit Jason from the 1989 video game Friday The 13th. The shirt is titled "Camp 1989" and this look of Jason has really been all the rage since NECA revealed a limited figure from the vintage game for SDDC this past July. If you want the shirt design, which we have featured below, then make sure to click over to the product page on and pre-order your shirt today!