Fangoria Magazine And Friday the 13th: Issue #125

Transitioning in the 1990's, Fangoria found that the golden age of slashers and the resurgence of monster movies was all but over. Horror movies were changing and with Freddy finishing his reign of terror in 1991 and the Halloween franchise dead since 1989, horror fans and Fangoria were hoping to get some of that old school Horror news to report on.

Jason Goes To Hell offered such news and anticipation of a new Jason adventure coupled with the franchise shifting from Paramount to New Line Cinema brought a lot of excitement. The magazine touched on the point that this was going to be the definitive Friday the 13th and that this indeed was going to be the last film in the franchise. Kane Hodder is even quoted in this issue as saying that since this is the last film, he wanted to have the biggest fight scene in the series (referring to the end fight between himself and actor John D Lemay).

Another feature to note in this issue is the contest that was offered as part of the release of the film. The trivia question that has to be answered was which person was the first to try and kill Jason. The only way you could enter was to send a postcard to Fangoria Magazine. That's right. No Internet or World Wide Web to submit the entry. The winner would get a trip to Florida to check out a haunted attraction and runners-up would get Jason Goes To Hell posters signed by Kane Hodder.

The rest of the magazine covers the dynamic of how the franchise was brought to New Line and how the movie would not have been made if Sean Cunningham was not invovled. He was the catalyst to the entire situation!