Welcome To Our New Website Design: 5.0

We have been spending the last few months researching and developing our brand new design for fridaythe13thfranchise.com, to give our readers an easier way to navigate the website as well as a much better interactive experience. Although many of our readers and Friday The 13th fans enjoy the content we provide, we have been receiving constructive criticism on the difficulties of finding information previously as well as remarks on our cluttered home page. The new changes should eliminate that.

We have reduced the navigation menu down to fewer, but more concise links which then provide more of the information everyone craves to find out about. More information is provided on our sidebar with latest news and stories along with some fun videos that will be posted every week.

One thing that was sorely lacking in the previous design of the website was the ability to view more than the latest seven stories posted on the website. Now, our readers can look through numerous posts past the current week's headlines. We have also added a more immerse visual experience with larger images representing stories that have been posted.

Another cool addition to the website is the Featured Stories found at the top of the website. We will always feature four stories relevant to the film franchise at this spot and these large image representations will randomly load in different order upon every visit. We think fans will like it.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with a lack of stories the last week as we prepared to switch over to this new design. We hope everyone likes it and please let us know what you think in the comment below!