Storyboards: The Death Of Trey In Freddy vs Jason

Some fans may find it hard to believe that ten years have passed since the release of Freddy vs Jason. Outside of the 2009 reboot of the Friday The 13th franchise, Freddy vs Jason may have been the most anticipated movie in the entire series. With that level of expectation, there was bound to be a sense of let down among fans. Jason did have his moments in the film, however, and one scene in particular has become a fan favorite. That favorite scene is the collapsible bed death of Trey (Jesse Hutch).

Although Jason stabs Trey multiple times with his machete, the impact of the stabbings isn't really felt by the viewer as much nowadays as Jason has stabbed so many victims throughout the franchise. In order to produce a jaw dropping reaction to Trey's death (a reaction that Friday The 13th fans have grown accustomed to), the scene was enhanced with the inclusion of a folding bed gag. The result is a memorable death in the film franchise and one that produced many loud uproars of excitement and laughter upon the first viewing the film.

Below are some of the original storyboards for the scene for which Jason begins his murderous spree of the Elm Street kids for Freddy Krueger's revenge.

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