Friday The 13th Part 1 And 2 Screening With Special Uncut 35MM Print!

We have a few Friday The 13th screenings happening in the month of October this year, for which up to this point there have only been mention of showings of the original 1980 classic. Well, we just caught wind of a very cool double feature of Friday The 13th films happening at the end of the month with a some very special treats for fans.

On Friday, October 25, Horror T-shirt company Fright-Rags will be hosting a very special screening of Friday The 13th 1980 and Friday The 13th Part 2. Both films will be presented in 35mm, which is a big bonus, but here are the special attractions to this screening event. Friday The 13th will be presented in it's Uncut form as well, which has either never been shown or rarely seen on 35MM! On top of that, the screenings will be followed by a special live Skype Q&A with Friday The 13th Part 2 actress Amy Steel.

This screening event will take place at The Little Theatre in Rochester, NY on October 25th. We also wanted to point out that Fright Rags is going to be giving away tickets and Fright Rags gift cards to help promote the event, so head on over to their Facebook page to find out more about their contest.

For more information about the film showings, visit the theater website.

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