Part 2 And Part 3 Director Steve Miner To Join Halloween Vet Jamie Lee Curtis For 'Final Girls'

Friday The 13th Part 2 and Part 3 Director Steve Miner has re-emerged in the eyes of Friday The 13th fans of late with his convention appearance at Horrorhound Indianapolis a few weeks ago and discussions about his absence from the latest Friday The 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories. Well, now he's back in the spotlight again as Deadline is reporting that he and Halloween films and original Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis are teaming for a high profile Horror project titled 'Final Girls'.

The interesting part of the re-teaming (Miner directed Jamie Lee in Halloween: H20 in 1998) is that the project is for a television pilot for ABC Family?! Go figure, two Horror veterans end up on a family channel. Well, ABC Family is not all popcorn and snow cones for kids theses days, but still this is an interesting overall development all the same. Steve Miner will executive produce and at least direct the pilot episode of the show if it is given the thumbs up. More about the show is below.

From Deadline
Titled The Final Girls, the drama revolves around a group of girls who have, in essence, survived their own personal horror stories and are brought together by a mysterious older woman (Curtis) to channel the stress and scars of their experience for some greater good. 

What do you think of the potential for this show?