Official Friday The 13th Films Website Coming?

Fans of the Halloween film franchise have had their official destination for that series for years with an official website operated by Trancas International Films. Although there are some great Halloween fan websites in cyberspace, truly is a one stop shop for all things Michael Myers. How about the Friday The 13th film franchise, though? Well, there have been numerous fan websites created since the mid 1990's, and a few larger websites have survived for many years. Our fan website, has been around for just about three years, and is still a baby compared to other longstanding sites, but we hopefully have set a standard for which many Friday The 13th fans have come to enjoy and look to for all things for the franchise. So, the news we found out recently is a mixed bag of sorts.

While franchise creator Sean Cunningham was attending The Scarefest convention in Lexington, Kentucky this past weekend, he was talking all things with fans about the films, and in doing so, spilled the beans on a new project he is working on. We have learned that Sean is looking to develop an official website destination for all of the Friday The 13th fans and mentioned it would be called something like 'Portal 13'. Now, this may not necessarily be the final name of the website, but the term portal is interesting.

Why is it interesting? Well, for our website, at least, it is encouraging as the term "Portal" could mean a collaboration with different Friday The 13th fan websites and their information. We don't think our website or other fan sites are in danger of being shut down if this project does become a reality, but we wanted to let everyone know that this new website sounds like something that could become a reality, which is great for the fans. We will keep everyone posted and let you know if we find out more.

What do you think of this news?

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