Friday The 13th Alumni Participate In Hockey Mask Challenge For Charity

There is absolutely nothing we enjoy more than being able to use this website to help promote a good cause and when we received word about this newest competition for charity, we jumped at the chance to get it on the website. According to the press release we just received, Jason Voorhees actor Steve Dash (Friday The 13th Part 2) and David Katims (Chuck, Friday The 13th Part 3) are joining past and current members of the SyFy channel's hit show Face Off in a hockey mask creation competition that will lead to the designed masks being auctioned off, with 100% of the proceed going to Toys For Tots!

To learn more about the competition, read below and big thanks to TV Store Online for putting all this together.

Detroit Aug. 28th -  Michigan based pop culture, film, and television t-shirt and costume website TV Store has teamed up with former and current contestants from the Syfy Channel's hit television series Face Off as well as actors from the Friday The 13th film franchise for a horrific Jason Voorhees inspired charity fundraiser.

TV Store Online's "Design A Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask" contest will see the former and current Face Off contestants competing with one another as well as against other hand-picked horror movie special effects and make-up artists to see who can transform the now iconic horror movie hockey mask into a unique piece of truly horrific monster art.   All finished Jason mask creations will be voted on by TV Store readers via their Facebook page, a "Best In Show" awarded, then the Jason masks will all be auctioned off on Ebay in October at Halloween with 100% of proceeds going to Toys For Tots to help children in need during the upcoming holiday season.

"We have some incredible and unbelievably talented make-up artists contributing," says Fred Hajjar CEO of TV Store Online.   "We have contestants from the last few seasons and current season of Face Off involved as well actors from the F13 film franchise taking part to raise money for Toys For Tots.  This is an important thing for us to do," urges Hajjar.    "We have Derek Garcia, Roy Wooley, RJ Haddy and Beki Ingram as well as others involved from the Syfy channel show.  Steve Dash as well - Who played Jason in Friday The 13th Part 2.  David Katims from F13 Part 3-D as well. Plus we have Mr. Evil Dead himself Tom Sullivan on board to create a Jason mask too. We should be able to raise a lot of money for Toys For Tots". 

Artists participating in the Jason mask charity fund-raiser are sent blank Jason hockey masks by TV Store and asked to produce a custom painted version of the mask but they are also free to re-design, sculpt over, mold or alter the original Voorhees hockey mask any way they desire to produce a very unique piece of monsterabilia to raise funds for children in need this coming October.

Other artists involved in the TV Store Online contest and charity fund-raiser include:  Midwestern horror artist Lydia Burris as well as HorrorHound Magazine artists Nate Milliner and Joel Robinson amongst others.  

Just twenty artists have been selected to create these special one-of-a-kind Jason Voorhees hockey masks to raise money for Toys For Tots so please visit for more details or visit their Facebook page to follow the fund-raiser over the next thirty days and be sure to vote for your favorite and bid on an incredible piece of Jason Voorhees art.

To find out more about the TV Store Online "Design A Jason Mask" Contest and Fundraiser please visit here:   Be sure to follow TV Store Online on their Facebook page for updates on the fundraiser here:



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