Behind The Scenes: Jason Voorhees Changes In A Trailer

We have posted numerous behind the scene images on this website, ranging from unique special effects shots to candid and intimate images of the cast and crew of various films. Every so often we find an image, though, that even surprises us. Fans never wanted to get to know Jason Voorhees this much, but at least we know he at least seeks shelter before changing his tattered clothes.

The following image was just dug out of our archives and it is from the set of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6. The pic shows Jason actor C.J. Graham either changing into or changing out of his slasher costume. We bet you never thought you would see Jason in his underwear now did you? There are also some interesting items to take note of in the trailer surrounding C.J.

If you look just to the right of C.J., you will notice the Jason hood worn underneath the hockey mask in the film. Also, look at the item on the floor of the trailer towards the bottom of the image. That is the prop head of Michael Swan (Officer Pappas) who towards the end of the film has his head squashed by ol' maggot head. Enjoy the image and see if there is anything else you can pick out that is interesting and part of the production!