Fangoria Magazine And Friday The 13th: Issue # 316, Brooker Farewell

Fangoria Issue #316 was released on store shelves one year ago in August 2012 and it was fitting to see a new article pertaining to Friday The 13th as the month has produced so many releases of the films over the years. The issue is a special 3D extravaganza where many articles had pictures that could be viewed in the third dimension with those infamous red/blue glasses. You couldn't have a Fangoria magazine touting 3D without including Friday The 13th Part 3, and as such, the magazine included a nice retrospective look at the film with what would be Jason actor Richard Brooker's final interview for the publication.

Who would have known that 8 months after issue #316 hit store shelves, Richard would pass away. This issue stands as a nice tribute to the man that entertained scores of Friday The 13th fans for over three decades with his portrayal of the Jason Voorhees character and continued to interact with the fans at conventions and reunion events. The interview can be found in the pages below and serve as a nice retrospective of his time during the production of Part 3!