'Friday the 13th' Writers' New Horror Concept Picked Up By New Line Cinema

Mark Swift and Damian Shannon have been apart of the Friday The 13th franchise for more than a decade now as their scripts for both Freddy vs Jason and Friday The 13th 2009 have continued the lifeline of Jason Voorhees into the new Millennium. While we patiently wait for news of a new Friday The 13th sequel beginning production, possibly with their script from a few years ago, the writing duo has other projects to take to invest in.

Last year it was reported that Swift and Shannon were developing a new Horror film for Paramount and now they have just sold a pitch for another top secret Horror film to New Line Cinema! Now, before you get excited, remember that Paramount Pictures is now in control of a new Friday The 13th film, so unfortunately, this new project will not be Friday The 13th. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, this new idea has franchise potential and this writer hopes their idea becomes that very thing.

From The Hollywood Reporter
Chris Bender, J.C. Spink and Jake Weiner of New Line-based BenderSpink are producing.
No details of the pitch are being revealed, but it is described as a potential franchise starter. It is not part of the micro-budget and found-footage trend.

Hopefully, we hear more about this in the near future and that Shannon and Swift can give fans another fun Horror experience!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter