Props: Juniors Head From Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

Ethel and her not so pretty son Junior are some of the most eccentric characters ever to appear in the Friday the 13th film franchise and they definitely aided in the entertainment value of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. One of the more memorable scenes in that film is when Junior gets his head chopped off by pseudo Jason, Roy.

The original idea of Junior's death scene was to have the character riding his motorcycle around his yard, then the cleaver appears from behind the tree and his head would go rolling into the yard. The effects crew had multiple takes to get the head to roll just right. However, their efforts were all for not as eventually, the MPAA would not allow the head to roll on film. In the end, Junior's head would just fall awkwardly on the ground.

The prop head, funny enough, would go on to be used in another film which would require the back of the prop to have a big hole blown into it. Later, Ron Sloan (Junior) would acquire the head and covered up the hole using the now infamous biker leather helmet. Below are images of the prop head being held by Tiffany Helm (Violet) and Shavar Ross (Reggie) on set of A New Beginning as well as Ron Sloan himself along with Carol Locatell (Ethel) at a Monster Mania convention in 2009.

Unknown Credit For Photo

Photo from Shavar Ross Collection
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