History And Tutorial With New Friday The 13th Hock Project

A few years ago, we wrote a short story pertaining to the origins of the hockey mask used originally in Friday The 13th Part 3. The Jacque Plante mask is sort of a legend now, much like Jason Voorhees in the Friday The 13th films, and as such many fans work very hard to replicate the procedure on how the crew from Part 3 created the now infamous hockey mask. Darren Laken from Ruste Dowg Productions recently decided to set out and create his own hockey mask from scratch using the Jacque Plante mask as a jumping off point. Although, Crash Creations has already gone down this road just a few months ago with the Project 82 mask, Darren's project is finely detailed in his latest blog for which we highlight a few points below.

Martin Jay Sadoff has stated that Marty Becker in charge of technical effects on the film was responsible for appointing his team to make the molds for the mask. He said: "Mart Becker's team made the molds and Robb Wilson King (Art Director) made various versions".

Douglas J. White who worked on Special Visual make up Effects also claimed to have made the molds and the masks seen on film. He claims to have enlarged a mask several times, once the desired size was achieved a mold was made so copy masks could be produced. White also claims to have painted the mask.

The striking and instantly recognisable red triangles or chevrons are attributed to technical consultant Terry Ballard.

Robb Wilson King also claims he was responsible for painting the masks and gives a detailed account of the process which I will come to later.

The history of the mask is full of mystery and is something that becomes an obsession for many die hard fans such was it's impact.

Darren's blog is much more detailed than we will get into here, but his findings show that the Jacque Plante Fibrosport Elite mask size medium is the closest to the hockey mask we see Jason Voorhees wear in Friday The 13th Part 3 and is what he used to base his hockey mask project on. Below is his process in pictures, which is quite fascinating to see.

Between sculpting, drilling, and vaccuforming, creating an accurate mask from the film is not easy task at all. We strongly suggest that if you are interested in the entire process of how his new hockey mask was created that you visit his Blog http://rustedowgproductions.blogspot.co.uk and get the entire idea of what it takes to create a hockey mask from scratch!