Friday The 13th Hockey Mask Being Rebooted

Never underestimate the number of hockey mask enthusiasts that exist in the world. There are even people that are not huge fans of the Friday The 13th film franchise that still collect the various hockey masks from the movies  because of the place in film history that the iconic mask holds. The origins of the hockey mask used in the films can be traced back to the Jacques Plante medium Fibrosport Elite style mask. For more information on that mask, please read our December 2010 story for a detailed history of the company that created the mask that inspired an icon.

Just like films the motion picture industry, masks sometimes need a reboot too, and Crash Cunningham and his Crash Creations brand are in the process of doing just that. Announced on the official Facebook Page for the company, the original hockey mask used for Friday The 13th Part 3 and beyond, titled Project 82,  is being recreated from scratch utilizing one of those original Jacques Plante masks discussed earlier. Below are images of the Plante mask as well as early test pulls of the Crash Creations hockey mask that will look to perfectly emulate the mask seen in Part 3.

There is no other information available at this time pertaining to availability of the hockey mask or prices, but make sure to keep up on the status of the hock by visiting either or!

Original Jacques Plante Mask

In-Production Mask By Crash Creations

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