Friday The 13th Producers Back On For 'Ouija'

Platinum Dunes, the company that produced Friday The 13th 2009, had been attached to produce a big screen adaptation of Hasbro's popular game as early as 2010, but the prospect of a huge budget killed the deal last year. It was originally thought that the film would be a Horror/Thriller in the vein of past PD films, but it was later brought to light that this new Ouija film was going to be an Action/Adventure film, which explained the huge budget, rumored to be $100 million. Now, news has it that the movie is back on, but with a much, much lower budget.

According to Deadline New York, Ouija is being brought back to the production slate again at Universal Pictures, but with a comparably smaller budget of only $5 million. This would seem to eliminate a large scale adventure epic which is what was hinted at previously for the film. The article at Deadline even goes further into explaining the Found Footage phenomenon and how it is changing the way big studios, such as Warner Bros., are making movies. Could Ouija be going to a Found Footage film and possibly back to a Horror themed film? At some point, we could realistically see a new Friday The 13th film follow suit with a smaller budget like earlier films in the franchise and the before mentioned shooting style.

Source: Deadline New York