Friday The 13th Part 2 Screening This July!

The Friday The 13th film franchise is synonymous with the Summer season as beautiful coeds frolic about a crystal lake either while attending camp or vacationing at a Summer home. So it is no surprise that cinemas across the country would have special showings of our beloved franchise films to celebrate the warn weather season. Fans of Friday The 13th Part 2 are indeed in for a real treat as Armour Screenland theater will be showing Part 2 this Saturday July 13th at 9PM!

Now, it's too bad July 13th doesn't land on a Friday (it did last year however), but nonetheless, it should be a fun time for a group of fans to enjoy Camp Packanack and counselor training center for which a sack masked Jason Voorhees is running amok.

For ticket information at the Armour Screenland theater in Kansas City, Missouri , visit their website