Freddy Joins Tenth Anniversary Reunion Of Freddy Vs Jason

If one actor's name is synonymous with Horror films it is Robert England. The man single handily breathed life into one of the most memorable cinematic villains in history. We normally would not report on ol' Freddy Krueger as this is a Friday The 13th website, but heck, he is a part of the franchise due to Freddy vs Jason and a new announcement made yesterday warrants a mention of the burnt face child killer. Robert England is now heading to Horrorhound and will be grouped into the mix of the 10th anniversary reunion of the Horror icon team up.

Horrorhound Weekend takes place the weekend of September 6-8, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana where a number of guests from the franchise are already lined up to greet the fans. There is already a huge Freddy vs Jason reunion in the works with stars Ken Kirzinger (Jason Voorhees), Monica Keena (Laurie), Zach Ward, Chris Marquette (Linderman), Brendan Fletcher (Mark Davis) and Kyle Labine (Freeburg) to be in attendance and now Robert will be the other half of the film's screen villains to attend.

For more information, please visit their website for events and ticket prices.