New Friday The 13th Score For Crystal Lake Memories Doc

Last week we gave out the exclusive information on the release date, new website, and home video format for Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th Documentary. Fans have been showing a tremendous amount of support for this definitive look at the Friday The 13th franchise and are very excited to purchase their copy of the show, starting in July. There are a lot of fun surprises in store for the fans when they watch the documentary and now a familiar, but new added touch should have fans excited.

Franchise veteran composer Harry Manfredini has created a new original score to accompany the Friday The 13th documentary and we are sure Harry's music will further enhance the awesome experience of Crystal Lake Memories, for which his credit can be found at the documentary's IMDb page. Make sure to check the page out to see a nice listing of actors and crew who are appearing in the show as well and look for the documentary to street on August 27th!