Release Hint For Friday The 13th Documentary

Friday The the 13th fans are very enthusiastic about the prospects of what the new Crystal Lake Memories documentary has to offer with so many new interviews filmed and Corey Feldman coming back to the Friday The 13th family to help tell the story of the franchise. It has been a few months since there has been any announcements from the crew of the documentary and with Spring looming, fans have been wondering when the show will be released for the public to watch.

A tentative date was mentioned last year of Spring 2013, but as the documentary progresses and even more awesome content is added, it is understood that the release of the highly anticipated documentary may get released later than Spring. Recently, it was mentioned on the Facebook page for the documentary what the status of the show is:

So a lot of you guys are asking about a release date. We haven't settled on an exact date yet but are hoping for a Summer release and we are hard at work to get this in your hands as soon as possible.

So there you have the latest and people have been asking about the run time of the show and all this writer can say is that it will definitely match the 4 hours of the Nightmare On Elm Street show created by the same Producers of Crystal Lake Memories!