Freddy vs Jason Screening At Chinese Theatres

2003 marks the 10 year anniversary of Freddy vs Jason being released in theaters. The date is August 15, 2003 to be exact and there are still a lot of fans that are happy that the two Horror icons finally were paired up in a fight to the death. Actually, we're still a little clouded on if there was a death for either villain, but the film was a major landmark in the genre and a huge hit at the box office.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the film, the Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, California has scheduled a special screening of the film on Wednesday March 13. With a big turnout, the film should be a blast to attend and join in with other fans in celebrating a special moment in Horror history..

Visit the TLC Chinese Theatres website for more information and to order your tickets. We are cheering for Jason!

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