Props: Mrs. Voorhees Head From Friday The 13th 2009

For over 20 years, there had only been one Mrs. Voorhees as well as that severed head she suffered at the ending of Friday The 13th 1980, and that was Betsy Palmer. Then in 2003, Paula Shaw portrayed the character in Freddy vs Jason and another severed head was created for that film to commemorate the ending of the original slasher. When Friday The 13th 2009 went into production, Nana Visitor had her head cast for the recreation of the final seconds of Mrs. Voorhees and in the film audiences were actually shown mother's head laying on the ground, which was then picked up by her son Jason.

So today we showcase another great prop from the Friday The 13th films and that is the head prop of Mrs. Voorhees created for the 2009 film. There was only one prop head created for the film and the one pictured below is the one used during the production. This prop is owned by user "Paulie" member of the Your Props website and he is lucky to own such a unique prop from the franchise!

Screen Cap From 2009 Film

Source: Your Props

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