Friday The 13th Part 3's Larry Zerner Set For Monster Mania Next Month

March 2013 is chock full of Horror conventions with at least one convention taking place every weekend and all have Friday The 13th guests (For more on those shows, please visit our Events Page). With the Monster Mania show right around the corner in a little over a week, it is always fun to see who their last minute adds will be and it looks as though a fan favorite is on their way to New Jersey.

Last night Larry Zerner (Shelly, Friday The 13th Part 3) wrote on his Twitter account that he was joining the show: "It looks like I'll be a guest at @MonsterManiaCon next week. I hope I can meet @Michael_Rooker and @Laurie_Holden. #LoveWalkingDead". Larry is a really great guy and loves to interact with the fans, so this is great news for the Friday The 13th audience! He still has not been officially added on the Monster Mania website, but look for that to happen real soon.

Larry joins other Friday The 13th stars from Freddy vs Jason as well as Jason Voorhees actors Kane Hodder, Steve Dash and C.J. Graham. Monster Mania will take place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey the weekend of March 8-10, 2013. For more information, please visit their website