Props: Friday The 13th 2009 Sack Mask

The one prop any fan would enjoy owning from a Friday The 13th film is a screen used hockey mask. Owning one of those masks brings you into a small group or fraternity of people and would probably make someone feel like they were apart of the franchise and film itself. A much rarer Jason mask to acquire and own would be that of the sack mask that Jason wore in either Friday The 13th Part 2 or Friday The 13th 2009. Although this writer does not know a whole lot about the mask worn in Part 2, it's safe to assume that a screen worn mask in that film is either impossible to find or very expensive to own.

For the 2009 sack mask, there were only two created to use in the film which makes those a rare commodity from the get go. One of those masks were purchased directly from a person involved with the production of the film by a user at Your Props under the name VisualConceptsN and it is an amazing prop to own from the film. Check out the images below and let us know if you would own this type of mask besides the requisite hockey mask!

Prop Mask

Behind The Scenes Still From Friday The 13th 2009

Behind The Scenes Still From Friday The 13th 2009

Source: Your Props
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