Friday the 13th Actor Given Half Of Million Dollar Estate

This is one of the more interesting stories we have ever reported on this website. Peter Barton (Doug, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter) and fellow actor and Hell Night Alumn Kevin Brophy have each been left half of a 160 acre property worth close to $1 Billion. The interesting part of the story is that neither actor knew the man that left the property to them worth a large fortune!

From a report on Yahoo News, Ray Faulk passed away last July at the age of 71 and had drafted his will to leave his property to the actors back in 1998. Of course, both Peter and Kevin were shocked by the news when contacted last year.
Hell Night (1981)
From Yahoo News

Donald Behle, an estate attorney, said he helped prepare Fulk's will around 1998, and never saw him again. Behle had helped with the estate of Fulk's father, who died in 1997.

Why did Fulk will his estate to the two actors?

"He just said they were friends of his," Behle said, who knew they were actors but did not know Fulk had never met them.

Behle is not sure why he considered them friends, but the State Journal-Register newspaper of Springfield, Ill., says he was a fan of their television shows.

Barton actually visited Lincoln and Behle to see if the letter was real, Behle said.

"His reaction was disbelief," Behle said. "What would yours be?"

Behle said he enjoyed meeting Barton and giving him a tour of the property, except for the home.

Once the sale of the estate is completed, both actors will receive an estimated half million dollars. Talk about a huge surprise to find out you're going to be $500,000 richer. Hopefully, both actors decide to donate some of the money to a good cause. Thanks to Mike Rieneckert for posting about this story on our Facebook Page.

Source: Yahoo News