New Friday The 13th 2009 Behind The Scenes Pic

We love Derek Mears! He is one of the moist personable actors in the genre today and it's great that he is really a fan of Horror movies at heart. He genuinely enjoys the fact that fans appreciate his turn as Jason Voorhees and that has created a nice connection between the people and himself. Derek released a few never before seen images from Friday the 13th 2009 a little over a year ago and now he has just treated fans to another.

Below is a brand new, never before seen behind the scenes photo from the film that Derek posted in his Facebook Fan page. The image is of Jason towards the end where Jason has been trapped in the wood chipper by way of chain around his neck. Check it out and let us know what you think. We want another film and Derek is a great choice to come back and don the hockey mask once again!