Crystal Lake Region Illustration Shows Off Key Film Locations

Friday The 13th fans are passionate about the franchise and it is no surprise that exact passion can be taken by talented people and translated into some pretty cool art referencing the films. Such is the case with Matthew Head, who sent us some intriguing images, including Panorama shots of Friday The 13th 1980 (Posted in our Blog soon) and an excellent illustration depicting the Crystal Lake region and most all of the key locations found throughout the Friday The 13th films.

Now, of course we do not want any of our readers to take the placement of the locations in the illustration as gospel in regards to where the locations are placed, but this truly does offer an unique perspective of where all of the camp sites, restaurants and Diners could be located in the lake region. Have fun finding your favorite place from the films and try and find locations that may have been missed. Also take note of that river that leads out to New York!

If you have any questions about the artwork, please leave comments in the Comments Section below, or send us a message on our Contact Us page.

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