Behind The Scenes: Blowing Up Jason Voorhees

The shocking conclusion to the opening scene of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday shows Jason being blown to bits by the F.B.I. Although, this event left a lot of fans confused and angry (a feeling lasting through the entire film for some), setting up such an epic explosion was no easy task. That's why there are professionals and today's Behind The Scenes looks at this key scene in the film.

Many important scenes for the production were filmed in Thousand Oaks, California at an abandoned car dealership. This pyrotechnic display would be no different as Tom Bellissimo and his effects team Bellissimo-Bellardinelli were called in to prepare and set off the explosion that would rock Jason Voorhees' and the audience's world. To establish the exploding effect, three timed charges were set off at the highest rate that was allowed by law.

Since fire and explosions were involved in the scene, city officials required that fire fighters be present the night of filming. This created quite a stir in the surrounding area, which caused problems for the crew in trying to keep a low profile. A huge crowd gathered to witness Jason meeting his early demise!

Even though the scene was shot in a parking lot, a long lense was used during filming which gave the ability to add a backdrop of trees, thus creating the illusion of the explosion happening in the middle of the woods. Take a look at the behind the scenes images below to see how they set up the Jason dummy for explosion and what the explosion looked like from a far and on set!

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