New Friday The 13th Part 3 1/6 Scale Jason Comes At You In 3D!

We enjoy covering everything that has to do with the Friday The 13th films and one thing we know is that fans of Jason Voorhees and the film franchise love to own representations of Jason to display their appreciation and devotion to the slasher series. Even though we rarely report on custom figure projects on the main website anymore, and reserve that content more for our new Blog and Forum, Betomatali's work deserves a special mention still in our News posts.

The talented artist has recently posted new images of his Friday The 13th Part 3 1/6 scale head sculpts in the SideShow Freaks Forum and they look amazingly accurate and detailed. Betomatali has been lending spectacular detail to his Jason creations and other horror icons for many years now and he continues he amazing work with this newest creation. Check out the photos below of his intricate detailing for this new Jason Voorhees.

If interested in commissioning Betomatali for any type of custom sculpt, please email him at