Meet Friday The 13th Composing Legend In Dead Of Winter

If there is one thing that lends itself to the eerie undertones of the original Friday the 13th films, it's the thematic and tense music score created by composer and musician Harry Manfredini. His contribution to the film franchise has created just as much of a character on screen as Jason Voorhees himself. Many fans line up to talk to the man that haunted many of us as kids and and is more than willing to discuss his time working on the various Friday The 13th films.

Now our readers have another great opportunity to meet the man behind the famous Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma sound. Harry Manfredini was just announced yesterday to be attending the Dead Winter Horror Convention in Somerset, Kentucky! If you're close to the area, make sure to stop by the weekend of March 8-10, 2013 and find out more about Friday The 13th from a man that was there since the beginning!