Press Kits: Friday The 13th Part 2

Recently, we showed you what the Friday The 13th Part 2 Pressbook looked like, which was distributed for promotion of the movie back in 1981. There were various pictures displayed in the Pressbook depicting scenes from the movie, but those are not always all of the promotional images available from the film. The Part 2 press kit also contains full size black and white images from the movie not seen in the aforementioned book and also include a brief description of each scene as well.

Within the kit folder there is also a booklet describing what the movie is about and has brief stories about the actors and production crew.

The difference between the Pressbook and press kit is that the Pressbook is one entity with all of the information mentioned above as well as some pictures printed within a single booklet along with ad copies for newspapers and magazines. The press kit has a number of full size images in black and white with descriptions of the scenes relative to the picture and a booklet with description of the production. All of this is contained within a folder. Check out some of the pictures below with the folder and production booklet that is included.