Press Books: Friday The 13th Part 2

We posted about press books and more specifically the book for the original film last November. Now our website is going to take a look at the press book for Friday The 13th Part 2. Besides the different size ads for print advertising and actor mini-biographies that are printed inside, Paramount also includes the full synopsis for the film. In fact giving almost a scene by scene account of the entire film!

One bit of information some fans may find interesting from this press book is that in the synopsis they mention the following:

Friday the 13th Part 2, in which a avenging demonic horror preys on the couselors of Lake Region, which borders the same lake as the infamous “Camp Blood” where counselors had been destroyed five years earlier.

In this book, Jason is always referred to as the “Demonic Horror” and never by his actual name, which we suppose is fitting because Jason wasn't a big name at the time. But the one thing we wanted to point out is that the book mentions the counselors of Lake Region and that they border Crystal Lake. In the movie, Ted mentions that they were going to be on the same lake as Camp Blood. So at some point the movie was originally going to be set at an adjacent lake or did Paramount’s people just get confused on some facts when putting this press book together?

Enjoy the photos of the book below and let us know what you think.

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