Friday The 13th 1980 Audiobook

One of the more frustrating situations for Friday The 13th fans is that they want to learn more information about the Friday The 13th 1980 film, which can be found in the 1988 novelization of the movie, but cannot acquire a copy of the book due to the large cost associated with purchasing it. It is hard enough to find someone actually selling the book, but then the asking price can range anywhere between $40 or higher. Some people may be able to pay the higher amount for the opportunity to read the book, which is based off of the orignal screenplay, but most simply cannot afford it.

We were recently contacted by a fan named Nate who is in the process of creating an audio book for the Simon Hawke novel and is posting each chapter to Youtube for everyone to listen. This is a fantastic project and would be something quite beneficial to people who have long commutes to work and can listen to Youtube videos on their smart phones.

Below, we have embedded the prologue for the book for everyone to listen, and if you are interested in listening to the rest of the chapters as they are completed, make sure to click on the link below. A very big thanks to Nate for doing something so great for the fans!

Friday The 13th 1980 Audio Book