Electronic Press Kit For Friday The 13th 2009

It used to be that press kits that are used to promote films would come in an envelope containing production stills and a booklet of information. Nowadays, those types of press kits have all but disappeared. The new press kits now usually come on USB flash drives or other such media and contain trailers, images and various other information.

Today we take a look at the the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Friday The 13th 2009, which was originally created for television studio use. The EPK cassette is in BETA data form and contains 15 minutes of B-roll footage of behind the scenes filming as well as trailers and selected film clips and audio bites (interviews) from actors, producers and the director. For collectors, this is a pretty cool item to own and it is fun to see how studios come up with different ways to market and promote their films.

Below are images showing off the press kit and a description of what is included.

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