Watch Friday The 13th Films With Us Next Week!

Next week on the AMC network, their annual Halloween event FearFest kicks off and this year they are running a quite excellent Marathon of Friday The 13th films for fans to enjoy. The mystique of watching these  films in edited-for-television form may seem strange to the casual observer, but to Friday The 13th fans who grew up on these films, this was one of only a few ways to watch the films before the Internet and streaming video.

As we have had successful Community Screenings in the past of certain Friday The 13th films, we thought it would be great to leave out Chat page open for discussions and other happenings during the AMC showings of our beloved films. So, starting on Monday October 15th, we will be hosting live Community Screenings for each Friday The 13th film that is aired on AMC! The great thing about this is that you don't have to worry about showing up late and not knowing where participants are in the film as since the movies are playing live on air, fans can just tune in to AMC and join in the conversation.

Meet up in our Chat Room every day next week when a Friday The 13th film is playing and enjoy the shows! The schedule for Friday The 13th films can be found at our AMC Marathon Announcement. If you're on Facebook, let us know if you will be attending any of the film showings by clicking on "Attending" at our Event Announcement. We look forward to seeing everyone there!