Kane Hodder Offers Running Commentary For Friday The 13th Part 7 Screening

It has become tradition to go out and watch screenings of Friday The 13th films in theaters during the Halloween season, but the trick is always finding out where they are taking place. We reported last week that there will be 3D screening of Part 3 taking place on October 30th, but what about those beloved audience participation films that happened later in the franchise. Well, fans are in luck as Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood will be showing this October 21st, and with a special guest!

Come for a screening of this iconic and memorable 80's classic and listen to LIVE commentary by KANE HODDER who will be with you right there in the audience! To any Modern Horror Movie fan, this will be a once in a lifetime experience. Your friends will BLEED with envy when you say you sat with Kane Hodder and watched "The New Blood"!! Each ticket comes with admission to Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery! The film will be screened at a separate location at The Witches Cottage at Griffen Theatre. The theater is intimate and the seats will sell fast so don't wait! See you then!!

For more information on the event, which takes place in Salem, MA, make sure to visit the following links and have yourself a scream of a time in a few weeks!

Ticket Prices and Purchasing

Theater Information

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