New Crystal Lake Memories Doc Images Feature Frank Mancuso Jr.!

It's been a little over a month since the last update has been released by the crew behind the new Friday The 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Definitive Documentary. The last update of images showed off some of the Final Girls from the films and continued to build anticipation for the ultimate look at the film franchise. Now we have some brand new images from the show, which are some of the greatest images for interviewees yet.

Below are the photos for a few folks that have rarely been seen by fans outside of the films and one gentleman who is making his first and only on-screen appearance to talk about the franchise. Producer Frank Mancuso Jr. was in essence the main person in charge of watching over the Paramount films in the 1980's and making sure that the franchise didn't wonder too far off the beaten path. Although during his watch we would get "Jason vs. Carrie" and a trip to New York, Mr. Mancuso was always adamant that each new filmmaker that took over a sequel would never make fun of Jason or shed a comedic light on the iconic slasher. It will be a very interesting segment in the documentary to listen to his comments on those golden years of Jason Voorhees.

The other photos are of two lovely young ladies with Jeannine Taylor (Marcie, Friday The 13th 1980) and a still stunning Rebecca Wood-Sharkey (Lana, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning). Enjoy the photos below and look for more updates for the documentary as they are available!

Producer Frank Mancuso Jr.

Jeannine Taylor

Rebecca Wood-Sharkey

Source: Crystal Lake Memories Facebook