Setting Up The Scene: Eva’s Death, Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan is one of those movies that is fun and exciting in some scenes and atrocious and somewhat boring in others. Fans reactions tend to reflect the idea that there are enough aspects of the movie to make it a re-watchable fare from time to time. One of the more up-tempo, exciting, and awkward scenes in Jason Takes Manhattan is when Jason Voorhees chases Eva into the dance hall on the cruise ship.

This writer actually likes the way this scene is filmed because the lighting was placed so well and having a death scene being filmed while dance music was playing in the background does make for an exciting stalk and chase sequence. Although this scene featured another death in Jason Takes Manhattan with little to no blood, it’s one of the more exciting scenes in the movie to watch.

Filming the dance hall scene actually took a long time because of the different angles required by Director Rob Hedden to give Jason the appearance of being at any place of the room at anytime. When Kane Hodder had to choke Kelly Hu, there were a number of takes needed to get just the correct shot of the kill, but by that point Kane was completely tired, as illustrated by the behind the scenes image below. It has been documented that even Kelly Hu was exhausted by the end of the scene as she had to scream on many multiple takes before the crew wrapped for the day.

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