Top 5 Worst Friday The 13th Endings

We are all accustomed to Top 5 lists now as they run rampant on the web almost daily, even on major movie websites. These lists are usually used to gauge fans thoughts on particular subjects and see what the community as a whole thinks. In that spirit, we decided to put together our Top 5 worst endings in the Friday  The 13th film franchise. You may or may not agree strongly with these selections, but please feel free to let your opinion be known in our Comments section below.

Top 5 Worst Endings

5. Friday the 13th Part 2

Everything was going well as Ginny had defeated Jason in his shack, only to be brought back, (maybe) by Paul to a cabin at the camp. What transpires is the most confusing ending in the franchise as fans still debate today if Jason really jumped through the window at Ginny? Did Paul survive or was his presence part of a dream as well? We'll never know for certain, but to have such a confusing ending is never good for the fans.

4. Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood

Here were are given an exciting set of scenes during the finale of the film only to be let down by an anticlimactic demise to Jason. Tina and Jason's battle royale was the most exciting showdown between Final Girl and the Crystal Lake Slasher since Part 3, but was completely derailed by an unspectacular ending to Jason with the ghost of Tina's father dragging him into the lake. Director John Buechler mentioned he wanted a grittier, more rotted Mr. Shepard to emerge to grab Jason, but even so, the ending would still have been a disappointment.

3. Friday The 13th 2009

The final chase of Clay and Whitney by Jason was classic Friday The 13th and Jason's demise was quite good, but it was the final minute after that fact that was hollow and disappointing. The forced ending was evident to be a dream sequence to pay homage to original Friday The 13th film endings, but with it being so apparent, no real excitement was felt and it left the film ending on a low note. The film should have ended with cops and ambulances arriving on scene with Jason long gone with perhaps only the hockey mask left behind.

2. Jason X

Jason in Space was almost enough to keep people from seeing this film upon its release, more than 2 years after it was shot and in the can. Even so, fans did go to see the film in theaters and were treated to possibly the most comical and nonsensical ending in recent film history. An entire ship explodes, but mechanized Jason Voorhees is somehow flung through Space directly at the survivor's escape ship only to be grabbed mid-flight by Brodski, who was also blown out into Space, and both hurdle toward Earth 2 and burn up in the atmosphere? Yikes. Try explaining that one in any scientific manner.

1. Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

Yes, there is one ending that beats all of its predecessors and it's not even close. Undead Jason Voorhees is stalking Rennie through the sewers of New York and is then ambushed by Rennie with a bucket of conveniently placed toxic waste. We can forgive the bucket being available for Rennie's disposal, but Jason screaming and writhing in pain and ripping the mask off his face after having the toxic waste splashed in his face is so sad and outright laughable that it's a kick to the face for fans. For one, Jason is a zombie, why would he be in pain at all, and two, even human Jason would not scream this much like a little girl.

The even more outrageous part of the ending is yet to come as Jason, trying to grab at the feet of his would-be victims, realizes the toxic waste is flooding the sewer and udders the words, "mommy, don't let me drown. Mommy!". So that isn't enough to make fans scream in agony, but then Jason turns back into a little child and that's the ending! What an inglorious end to Paramount's bloody legacy of Friday The 13th and Jason Voorhees.