Russian Company Offers Jason Voorhees As Popsicle!

It seems as though companies are leaning more towards Jason Voorhees being edible rather than being scary. Last year, one company decided to make Jason into a donut to celebrate Friday The 13th in May and fans seemed to eat it up, literally. The United States is well known for its massive consumer attitude, but now poor Jason even has to endure the countries crazy appetite. So that's where Russian company Stoyn comes in.

The design firm was contracted to create a slick marketing campaign utilizing infamous slasher icons from the 1980's to sell a product, but when the client balked, Stoyn decided to run with the idea and make the killer popsicle project their own. No word if these will ever hit the market, but they sure look damn cool, and delicious. Below is the Jason Voorhees popsicle which would be a yummy cheese cake flavor.

Make sure to visit Stoyn's website,, to see all the rest of the ideas, including Freddy Krueger and Chucky!

Source: That's Nerdalicious