Ginny Field Ranked In Top 50 Bravest Movie Heroines

There has always been a strong love affair with the original Final Girls of Friday The 13th. Particularly, the fan's affection has been aimed at the ladies in the first four films, Adrienne King (Alice, Friday The 13th 1980), Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday The 13th Part 2), Dana Kimmel (Chris, Friday The 13th Part 3), and Kimberly Beck (Trish, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter). There have been numerous debates on which of these beautiful ladies are the best Final Girl and who would survive longer against Jason. So it's fun to see what others think about the debate and where the ladies would rank among other heroines in film history.

Total Film just recently published their 50 Bravest Movie Heroines and wouldn't you know it, the Ginny Field character made the list! Considering all of the crazy films that require a leading lady and movie heroine, Amy Steel's character has now had a nice little honor bestowed upon her. The Ginny character ranks 24 in the Top 50 list, which isn't bad considering the company. Check out the list by clicking on the image below and see if you agree with the ranking and let us know if you think she should be higher or lower!