Ghost Hunters Visit Friday the 13th Camp Location

Ghost hunting is as widely popular today as it has ever been, and it is no wonder that there are not only multiple television shows dedicated to the experience, but a big number of Horror celebs that participate as well. It was inevitable that at some point one or more of the old Friday The 13th filming locations would be targeted for a ghost hunt and it looks as though that time is now!

SyFy Channel's long running paranormal investigation show, Ghost Hunters, will be setting their sights on the camp filming location from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 to be part of their second episode of the new season. The description below references Camp Rutledge in Georgia, but we are assuming they mean Camp Daniel Morgan (the actual name of the camp) which is located in Rutledge, Georgia. Read on for more info.

UPDATE: The show Actually filmed at Camp Rutledge which is not the correct location that Jason Lives filmed at. Part 6 filmed at Camp Daniel Morgan across the lake.

Wednesday, September 12, at 9 PM ET/PT
TAPS travels to Georgia’s Camp Rutledge, the location of a “Friday the 13th” movie shoot, in search of “elemental spirits” – created by nature, not humans – and also stops in Marion, North Carolina, to help a young mom who fears a ghost might be out to hurt her daughter.

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