Friday The 13th: The Revenge Special Edition In Production

Freddy vs Jason created a huge resurgence in the Friday The 13th film franchise and many fans were anxious and willing to create their own films based on Jason Voorhees and his demented mother Mrs. Voorhees. There were a long line of fan films that were created even before the 2003 versus film, but one fan creation stood out among the rest and garnered cult status among the Friday The 13th community. Friday The 13th: The Revenge has been featured in our Fan Film section since this website's beginning and is one of only a handful of indie Jason films that has a feature length running time.

So why is there now a Special Edition being created of the film? Well, the film itself has some flaws, which Director Josh Brown has openly admitted to in our Forum and other places online. Also, the film has had very limited availability to be viewed by fans due to its length and next to no copies on DVD available for fans to acquire. So, what can you expect in the new Special Edition? Here's what Josh Brown had to say in the dedicated Forum for the film.

"Yes, shooting a smattering of new things for the movie, which are mostly to fix things that are wrong with it.  However, one of the things most notably 'wrong' with it, is that it goes nearly 40 minutes without a murder, and for that, we're shooting some all-new material. Hopefully everyone will like it. 

I have the feeling that overall, the length of the movie will go up just a bit to somewhere around the 95 minute mark. Should be fun. The footage we've already shot fixed at least two things that I think are going to be loved by Friday fans. 

We will be back to the camp twice more, and also to our "Jason hut" set again, to clean some of that up.  In the end, there should be anywhere from 3-5 new murders, several more minutes of screen time, and a tighter flow to the movie. Also, the only version we ever had on line was a grainy, shitty windows media file- that will also change."

Check a new production pic of the most recent days of shooting below along with a nice little teaser trailer for the Special Edition of Friday The 13th: The Revenge! More news to come when it is available.

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