Friday the 13th: The Revenge

Friday the 13th: The Revenge was one of the first feature length fan films to be made based on the Friday the 13th film series. Released in early 2000, it was a huge hit among the Friday the 13th community and enjoyed a lot of success during its initial run online. However, after a few years, the film was no longer available to view and only a few low resolution copies remain of this very entertaining film.


Produced by: 3B Entertainment
Directed by:
Josh Brown
Written by: Josh Brown
Production Company Facebook Page

Picking up after the events of Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason washes up along the a river stream after being flushed out of the Manhattan sewers. From there he makes his way back to Camp Crystal Lake, where Will Christie, relative of Steve Christie (who tried to open the camp in the original 1980 film) has enlisted new counselors to try and once again reopen Camp Crystal Lake. Jason is not about to let that happen and he goes on another murderous rampage once again!

The film was pulled down from Youtube as the Director is producing a higher resolution version of the film with new kills and better editing. Check out the new trailer for the refurbished film below and look for the feature to be released this October.

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