Community Screening For 30th Anniversary Of Friday The 13th Part 3!

This past Friday The 13th we had a great turnout for our screening and chat for Friday The 13th Part 7 and Friday The 13th Part 8. All of the site visitors had a great time and were wondering when we could hold the next screening. We are going to announce plans for Halloween season screenings next month, but for now, we have something special planned to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Friday The 13th Part 3!

We will be hosting a community screening and chat for Part 3 on August 13th, the exact date the film was released in U.S. movie theaters 30 years ago! It will go exactly the same as our previous screenings and we will throw out trivia and other anecdotes. Perhaps, we might even have another contest/giveaway in the works. After Part 3 has ended, participants who decide to stay longer in the chat can choose any film they decide to watch and discuss with their fellow fans.

The Friday The 13th Part 3 viewing and chat will start at 9:00 PM EST in our Chat Room. Have your snacks and drinks ready as Jason is going to show you a new dimension in terror!