Film Review: Jason Goes To Hell - A Masterpiece With Heart

Horror has many face. Death wears many different masks. But pure evil wears only one... And this is your final chance to see it. I saw the trailer for this movie on TV as a kid, and went to theaters at age ten to see my very first Friday movie in theaters.I have to be honest, I wanted to walk out. As a ten year old, I hated the movie, but I had to admit that the trailer was one of the best previews I'd ever seen for a movie.

About five years later, I picked up the unrated version on VHS just for the box art. I found myself curious to watch it one more time. I remember what I disliked about it, the new sister, the lack of Jason and the body switching element. However when I watched it this time, I loved these elements. The film has such great action and accomplished what Jason Lives could not accomplish: successfully adding comedy to a Jason movie.

The element of the Necronomicon was added just for the fact they could get the prop, but as an Evil Dead fan, I loved it and it enabled people to put their own take on what they were seeing. There is a scene in the film added just to creep everyone out, in which Jason shaves a nude man before transferring into his body. The scene accomplished its goal.

I understand a lot of people being upset that Jason has a sister out of nowhere, but it goes with the story and who knows, maybe Elias had kids outside of Jason, without Pamela. I looked at this as a welcome revelation.

The character Creighton Duke is also amazing. From his first seen in which he utters "I don't think so," after Jason's explosion, to his grand finale, Steven Williams played him wonderfully. He never gave a dull moment as the bounty hunter obsessed with killing Jason Voorhees.

The film is action packed, with an amazing soundtrack and plenty of gore. When Jason is in the film, which is a decent amount of time when you consider some of the earlier Friday films, Kane gives another amazing performance and the costume is outstanding. The acting is great, and you can tell the cast and crew had fun making this film. The mystical dagger and supernatural tone added something never before seen, which made the film as unique as it was amazing.

Probably the most hated and controversial film in the series, I truly believe that Jason Goes to Hell is one of, if not the, best in the series. Any fan of horror should own this film.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Machetes

Review By: thebrandonlionz

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